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The application of spray code technology in medicine industry

Fenma technology has a very wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, throughout the packing of the pharmaceutical industry is also diversified, paper box, aluminum foil packing, the glass bottle, capsules, thin film and so on, whatever the material, oliver north spurt the code machine company can provide you standard identification solutions, to provide you with products anti-counterfeiting, market management, flow tracking solution.

Pharmaceutical industry is now fully implementing GMP certification, the application of all kinds of pharmaceutical equipment has strict standards, ollie, spurt the code machine launched a series of printing equipment with 1-8 lines spray printing capabilities, stainless steel body structure, can satisfy the high-speed packaging line, clean environmental protection request, the output of every large, medical apparatus and instruments, high-definition, high adhesion, printing production environment should be the body with different levels of industrial protective equipment and a series of industry application requirements.

's series of machine for non-contact printing technology, both in the tiny tablets or capsules and in stainless steel or aluminum tin plate surgical instruments, soft plastic film packaging and carton packaging, whether single items or the whole case pharmaceutical packaging, ollie's printing solution can meet the material and changeable pharmaceutical industry product identification requirements.

The orino series of size two and a spline are in line with the pharmaceutical industry standard

The latest technology of non-contact inkjet printing function, whether positive, reverse, reverse, can be printed.

Can realize carton or other products double side spray code.

It is suitable for the printing of small medicine bottles and drops. It is in accordance with the provisions of medical law.

Suitable for good operation in poor working environment.

Unique pattern editing function.

The printing font height of 0.8mm to 18MM or higher, 1 to 8 lines or unlimited number of lines, high-speed printing of all kinds of variable information.

The printing effect is good, clear and easy to identify in small area.

Choose green ink, ink replacement is easy, no need to add solvent, convenient operation and maintenance.

Print information on either side of the carton or tray.

Mobile flexible and convenient, suitable for printing on carton, woven bag or plastic film.

Continuous spraying, complete function.

High speed printing, long running.

Clean, high definition of the logo effect.

Stable operation, easy operation.

Cost economy, low consumables use cost.